About Us

Back to Front Exterior Design Ltd. was started by George and Yolande Hesse who are passionate about residential architecture and design. Having completed a number of their own remodelling projects in May 1999 the Saturday property section of the Daily Telegraph ran an article about one of their first ‘remodelling’ schemes and Back to Front was born. 18 years later Back to Front, based in Farnham, Surrey, has grown into a dynamic family run team providing a unique architectural service specialising in remodeling and extending ugly houses Back to Front and inside out!

"We set our stall out differently from other practices - we don't do big commercial or public works, town planning or developer estates - we only do bespoke residential remodelling and refurbishment. Your home is your primary asset, so when a Client comes to us with their problem property it can be an emotional process for them, with lots of aspirations, hopes and dreams coming head to head with financial restraints and planning/building regulations.

It's really important to understand the specific needs of this design sector to get it right. Not only does it need to function really well to make busy lives as easy as possible but your home is somewhere you want to feel proud of and be uplifted. Kerb appeal is vitally important and is too often neglected, even though it has such a bit impact on value.  We want to stay focused on achieving the best results for the main asset in peoples lives and transform their uninspiring, depressing houses into homes which make you feel good, back to front and inside out."

Alexandra Hull - MD

What We Do

Our design package covers exterior remodelling, interior re-design, extensions, planning, building regulations, construction detailing, materials sepcification and tender.

3D Visualisation

We see houses in three dimensions, so why look at design proposals any other way? All our drafts are presented in 3D, so you can fully understand what is being proposed and make important decisions about how your new home is going to look and function internally.  

We are passionate about detailing

The devil is in the detail. Right from day one, our proposals detail colour, materials, window and door styling, furniture layouts, even landscaping. This provides  you and your builder a clear vision of what you want to achieve and how to implement it.

A consultative design process.

It sounds obvious but your feedback is an integral part of the design process. Sometimes Clients are worried this means we will just draw up your ideas but by understanding your needs and those of the house fully, we can offer simpler, cheaper or better alternatives that you might not have thought of and work together on finding the best design solutions.

A Holistic Approach

The Back to Front design approach is to look at the whole house, addressing all the elements, internally and externally that are not currently working successfully. We should call our selves Back to Front Inside Out!