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About us

What we do

Our aim is to empower Clients to transform the kerb appeal of their homes, improving re-sale value and their enjoyment of the property.


We offer a range of services from exterior design, colour and material advice, exterior design and 3D visualisation and full-scale extension, interior and exterior design and planning permission.

Our History

Over the years, Back to Front has been at the forefront of remodelling ugly houses in the UK, transforming them into beautiful homes.


Our story began back in 1999 with Alex’s parents, George and Yolande Hesse who ran a busy practise for nearly 20 years. Carrying on the torch for exterior design, Alex joined the company in 2010 and took over running the practice in 2014.


On Yolande’s retirement in 2018, we expanded the range of services to include exterior design consultancy. This enables us to serve Clients with projects at different stages. We are now able to help Clients with existing architectural plans needing extra input or about to start on site and looking for help selecting final materials and colour schemes as well as full scale extension, interior and exterior design and planning permission.


We have been featured throughout the years on television programs, newspapers, magazines and received awards for our designs.

Over the years the Back to Front family has featured on television programmes, newspapers and magazines. To read about some of our previous projects and our legacy, check out our Pinterest page which features many of our publications from over the years.

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