Our Service

Stage 1 takes approximately 6-8 weeks and is all to do with how your new home will look and function internally, and applying for the necessary permissions required by your local authority.

Step 01

Book a measured survey

Once we have received instructions to proceed the first step is to book a measured survey, which is carried out by an associate team of surveyors.
This maps out the property and the site and lays the foundations for the design process and construction. These drawings are also required for applying to the local authority for the relevant approvals.

Step 02

Design visit at the house

Once the survey has been undertaken we come out for our initial design visit at the property where we go into greater depth about your needs those of your property.

Step 03

Draft process

We model everything we do in 3D, which is a vital to help you make important decisions about the proposed design inside and out. Drafts are presented with external visuals, internal perspective layouts and 2D floorplans for scaling. We also believe showing the internal arrangements with furniture layouts are equally important as the walls themselves to help you visualize furnishing and living in the new space.

Step 04

Final package

Once you have approved the design we work up the scheme into the final package of drawings, ready for submitting to the relevant authority for approval (if required).

Step 05

Submit application as required

We will discuss the appropriate approach with the local authority and submit the scheme for planning permission or LDC (Lawful Development Certificate) as appropriate and if required.

Depending on complexity, Stage 2 takes approximately 10-12 weeks and is all to do with translating and refining your proposed scheme into detailed technical design and specification. This enables contractors to Tender and crucially, use on site to realise the design.

Step 01

Fee proposal for the next stages

Once we have warm and fuzzy feedback from the local authority we will prepare our proposal for your approval, along with quotes for structural engineering and building control.

Step 02

Site visit

Once approval has been granted we will schedule another site visit with you at the property to discuss the specification with you in more detail. We would often invite the structural engineer to attend this meeting to discuss any considerations for the structural design.

Step 03

Building regulation application

This is the technical under bonnet bit, translating the design into the detailed drawings and specification for building control approval.

Step 04

Construction drawings

We are quite particular about how we like certain aesthetic details to look, so to ensure the house is built to look like the visual you fell in love with construction details are an important feature of our technical service.

Step 05


These are very important and a lot of people get left out in the cold when it comes to choosing materials, textures and colour schemes, not to mention finding the right suppliers. We hold lots of samples so you can see the products suitable for your scheme. We then compile this information into product sheets so you builder knows what to order and where to source what you need.

Step 06

Service Plans

Detailing items such as plug sockets, light switches, under floor heating etc. so your builder can price for these correctly and decisions are not left to the last minute on site.

Step 07

Tender Documentation

This provides further amplification and detail on all of the above and will be one of the core components of the tender documents, so contractors can price the job accurately.

This is where all the detailed drawings and information is compiled and sent to a selection of contractors for Tendering your project.

Step 01


The tender packages including everything prepared at Stages 1 & 2, to be sent to the nominated contractors for quoting. Some Clients may have a specific contractor in mind and others need more assistance in finding a suitable contractor. In both cases we will liaise as necessary during the tender process and prepare a tender analysis to give you points of comparison between contractors.

Step 02

Set a date and get digging!!