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Design Consultation Service

Our exterior and interior design consultancy services are a popular starting point and cater for people who are either at the very start of their house remodelling journey, or mid-way through and in need of some advice to get them back on course. Working remotely, we can offer advice nationwide, providing accessible advice to everyone who needs it. 

We offer three types of consultancies:

Initial Consultation – To start the process, we offer all of our clients an initial video consultation. During this consultation we will discuss aspects such as; potential style direction for your home and interior layout changes (where required), the processes involved from design through to planning and beyond, an overview of construction budget and professional fees, as well as other factors such as ecology. You will come away with an idea of the art of the doable, along with plenty of initial advice and guidance to kickstart your home remodelling project.   

House Hunting Consultation – Found a house you’d like to make an offer on or part way through the purchase process? We would be happy to discuss your new home’s potential and provide you with an experienced view on remodelling and what to expect, what style might be appropriate and potential internal layout changes. We will also discuss any planning considerations and an overview on what to budget for.

Full Design Consultation – Our most in-depth consultation, these are tailored to the individual needs of your project and the stage you’re at. Over 2-3 hours we can cover a variety of aspects in greater detail such as what style would work best for the shape of your house and how to execute it. We will review window and door design, suggest appropriate materials and suppliers to use and give advice on relevant detailing, colour schemes and how to coordinate colours. If you already have Architect’s plans, we can review these together. You can read more about our Full Design Consultation below. 



We will need:​

  1. High resolution photos of your home
  2. Latest architectural plans (if available)
  3. Completed design questionnaire


What we will discuss:

  • Appropriate style direction for your home
  • Exterior design and detailing
  • Colour schemes
  • Materials and suppliers
  • Windows and door design and recommendations

What you will receive:

  • Advice on the appropriate materials/direction for your project
  • Details and contact information of suppliers/manufacturers
  • Exterior design tips


Following on from your Design Consultation we can collate the information discussed and produce a Materials Guidance Book for your project.

Part mood board, part specification, this document will include the name and contact details of suppliers and the products recommended for your scheme.

The book also provides details of architectural features appropriate to your project. For example, flat roof mouldings, dormer verges, bargeboard detailing etc.

This will be sent to you digitally in PDF format.



Following on from your Design Consultation, if you have existing architectural plans we can visualise the design showing you the exterior recommendations and colour scheme. You can read more about our Exterior Design and Visualisation service here