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“We worked with Back to Front to help with our exterior design and they did an absolutely brilliant job of helping us navigate all the options. Alex offered lots of advice based on what our needs were and helped guide us through all the big decisions to be made. I’m pretty sure Alex saved us hundreds (if not thousands!) with the contacts and recommendations she provided… not to mention the time we would have spent mulling over every decision! Our project was small in comparison to some of the other work Alex does, but she still gave us top quality advice and customer service. We would highly recommend.”



“Design, concept, and service are all excellent. I like the fact that you see the project through from beginning to end and take an active interest in lifestyle and how best the house can work for us. Producing a materials book really helps take the project from design to finished article.”



I loved it that Alex gave me a photoshop edit of her vision for our house that she put together as we talked. This really helped see what she thought we could do. I had gone round and round in circles about paint colours and she could decisively tell me what colour where and what would work and why. Bonus was that she advised about floors, plants, planters, lights, steps.

Our house looks amazing now. People have knocked on the door to ask about our colour scheme whereas before I cringed when I walked up to the door! I also have a specific list of suppliers and a plan for when we can afford to replace the windows and doors.”



“Alex gets how to create curb appeal where my architects really didn’t. I came to ‘Back to Front Exterior Design’ after spending some time myself and then recruiting architects to work out how to add curb appeal to the front of my house. I’d considered changes to the porch, to the garage door colour or adding a roof over the garage, but none of my ideas seemed quite right and the architects were no better. However, Alex immediately said that the key thing was to change the windows and she was right. She also advised on the window design, window supplier, changing the guttering and on window/render/door colours. Bit by bit I’m following her advice on virtually everything and the transformation is amazing.

Alex also imparts her ideas with so much enthusiasm, encouragement, and technical knowledge. Her replies to my email queries were always fast, clear, and detailed. The alterations to my house are nearly completed and already lots of people have commented how much better it’s looking and that the windows look really nice. I’ve been lucky to have ended up with an excellent bunch of tradespeople working on it, but fundamentally the improvement in looks of the outside of my house is down to Alex’s design ideas and the wonderful way she got those ideas across to me.”



“You feel completely and utterly looked after by Alex and the team. Feeling safe in this industry is priceless. You go above and beyond. You listened completely and brought my thoughts, wants and wishes to life. Nothing is too much trouble.

Thank you for all you have done to support us. If I was to do this project again, the only aspect I would do the same would be to go to Alex at Back to Front for all her help and expertise. Worth every penny. If you are considering using Back to Front to design your project, do it…. it will be the best decision you make in the whole project.”


THE KENT PROJECT – Craig & Rachel

“Everything, from start to finish, has been exceptional. Alex has so much knowledge and expertise which she shared with us so freely. Communication throughout has been perfect – we’ve always known what stage the project has been at and what’s happening next etc. We have a disabled daughter so her needs had to be considered throughout and some of our requests from the project were a little out of the ordinary. Alex was amazing at taking the time to fully understand our wants and needs and made many suggestions we had never thought of; all the while considering everyone in the family and ensuring it worked for everyone.

Nothing was ever too much trouble. We are ecstatic with the final design and cannot wait for it to come to life. Thank you so much to Alex, and all of the team, for being extremely patient, dedicated, talented, creative and positive throughout!”



“Alex was brilliant! She was hugely helpful, and has absolutely got me on the track I needed! So please say a huge thank you, I really enjoyed it.

I will come back to you if I need any more guidance, but I hope to share with you updates in the future!”



“Thank you so much for your time this morning. Both David and I were impressed with your level of detail and we were very inspired by the opportunities that you thought possible. You clearly have your (very talented) Mother’s eye!

Thank you for your honesty and openness too; I love the fact that you’re actually NOT an architect – but you have a natural flair for knowing what’s practical as well as what’s possible. There’s nothing better than turning a pig’s ear into a silk purse!

Thank you again – it was definitely money well spent.”



“Yes, this is exactly it! Thank you! Looking forward to discussing with my husband this evening, but I think he will love it too. You’ve nailed our house design, we are so grateful.”



“Alex is so great to work with and we are so thankful that she helped us with our house remodel. She is so knowledgeable and responsive and we completely trusted her advice and recommendations. She helped us completely transform the outside of our house into a stunning modern country home. We absolutely could not have done this without her expert eye, opinion and recommendations.”



“Easter a year ago we downsized to a 1960s chalet bungalow in a stunning location. Living in the house for a while we discovered the design of the house wasn’t making the best of the stunning location or the sun. Alex listened carefully to our views, our individual dreams and also wanted to see where we were on the ‘home’ journey. After quite a few hours on zoom calls and a whole days visit she came up with a profoundly beautiful idea, to create a classical, colonial look with balconies and big sliding doors. This meant a total remodel of the bungalow including a new roof and windows. I thought this a very bold move but made so much sense.

We were thrilled with the end design result both inside and outside. Inviting the countryside in, and low maintenance (having come from a very ‘high maintenance’ home) were priorities. She had listened carefully then tied it all together to put her own imaginatively crafted stamp on it and we begin building soon once the ‘bats’ have been sorted.”