For an existing building, if Permitted Development rights are intact, you’re not in a listed property, Conservation Area, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or National Park, cladding changes can often be done without planning permission. 

Before committing to cladding a building that requires planning, gauge your likelihood of success by looking at properties in the local area and take note of the materials used.

Building Regulations state that when cladding more than 50% of a thermal element, such as the walls and roof, or undertaking a major renovation, you must improve the thermal efficiency of that element. 

Insulating can have major technical implications to the external detailing of the building, such as soffit depth. Windows may require extended sills. 

When cladding exteriors, less really is more. The temptation with design is to introduce too many textures and details and during the cost engineering process, these can get watered down until there is nothing left of the original concept. Do less and do it well.