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Studio Consultation

We offer a 2 hour studio consultation here in our Studio. We can go through your design and advise you on aspects such as the style direction, how to improve the kerb appeal, colour schemes, window design and detailing.  


Studio Consultation + Materials Book

Once we have had our meeting we will send you through your bespoke materials guidance book. Within this document, we will include the areas discussed in the meeting, along with additional advice and guidance. Also included is where you can purchase the products, chosen with your design in mind.  

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With your architectural plans and following on from your studio consultation, we can offer visualisation and 3D modelling of your home. We will include the new style, colour scheme, products and materials to showcase how your home will look before you start building works.  

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Window + Door Design Detailing

We can help and advise you in selecting the right design and products for your home. This area is often neglected by many architects, showing blank boxes on your drawings. We can go through the style options, material and colour to make sure your windows and doors will look great.  


HomeBuying Advice 


When looking at purchasing a property it can be difficult to see the potential and know if it's a good investment. We can offer consultation to advise on what to look for when purchasing your new home 

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