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We have a unique wealth of knowledge on remodelling the exterior of houses and can offer impartial advise and expert guidance to help you make the most of your homes kerb appeal. We can get involved at any stage to suit your project, helping you to get your project off on the right foot, working alongside your architect or help you prepare for construction. 

We offer a range of services, each tailored to your project. From helping you select the right materials, products and colours to 3D visualisation and Design and Planning, enabling you to articulate the vision to other 3rd parties such as your builder, architect and manufacturers. We will advise you on what we think is suitable for your needs. Please be aware, not all homes are suitable for our services and we assess each project on a case by case basis. 

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We offer a 2 hour design consultation here in our studio, where we discuss your project in detail. Advice can be tailored to your specific needs, some of the areas that we typically hone in on are:

  • Appropriate style direction for your house and street scene, whether contemporary or traditional.

  • External materials such as cladding, render, tile hanging, windows & doors, roof coverings, guttering etc. 

  • Colour schemes

  • Expert guidance and advice on exterior detailing.



This covers the areas discussed at our meeting and is tailored to your scheme. Part mood board, part specification; this visual aid details suppliers of items such as guttering, external wall finishes, roof coverings, driveway finishes, decking etc. along with colour schemes and architectural detailing solutions (such as flat roof mouldings, dormer verges, bargeboard detailing etc.).

This document enables you to proceed with greater clarity and confidence in sourcing and finishing the exterior of your home.

1905 19 03 01 Rear Concept Visualisation


Often Clients have plans which satisfy their needs internally but lack detail externally. Working from your drawings, we can model your house in 3D and add the finishing touches that make or break a successful scheme. This helps you visualise how your house will look before writing the big cheques out to your Contractor and to articulate that vision to other parties involved.

Modelling will include items specified in the materials and guidance book, along with window and door design and fenestration. An interactive 3D model will be provided on delivery along with rendered views. 

See examples and find out more

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Where Clients have a broader scope of works such as extensions, internal re-jigging and exterior remodelling needs, we can offer design and planning on a case by case basis. 

We will provide the exterior concept visualisation for your project, along with drawings specifying the materials and colour scheme, tailored to your scheme. An interactive 3D model will also provided.

To find out more, please send us your project details

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We are incredibly passionate about this vital design aspect. Too often, we see fantastic houses ruined by the selection of windows and doors, especially when left to salespeople or contractors. Taking matters into our own hands, we researched the market for high quality, sustainable companies who we know can produce products we like, and which will suit your scheme.

With 10 years industry experience specifying windows and doors, we can advise on the selection of manufacturer, arrange for a quotation and oversee workshop drawing stages, ensuring the windows & doors are tailored to your needs and the look for your new home.

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