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Project Type: Exterior Visualisation

When our clients approached us, they really weren’t keen on the giant checkerboard effect created by the dark timber beams on their mock Tudor property. Their wish was to remodel the exterior, creating a softer frontage with a smarter, classic feel to it. They also wanted to remodel the rear of the property, paying particular attention to the rear extension which featured a leaky and unattractive parapet balcony roof structure, whilst retaining the newly landscaped terrace area and steps.

Using a Measured Survey previously commissioned by our clients, we were able to take this and remodel the exterior, providing our clients with invaluable concept visuals so they were able to understand the design being proposed, feel confident they were going to like how their home will look in the future, and can communicate this to third parties working on the house.

When it comes to the exterior design, the introduction of casement windows with a glazing bar detail, instantly creates a classical feel to the house. A tonal colour scheme, to complement the new rendered finish also helps create a softer, more coherent feel.
With new aluminium guttering, replacement moulded bargeboards and a wider, traditional style front door, the overall design increases kerb appeal and creates a more welcoming house for the family to come home to.

The new additions at the front are continued through to the rear. Here a more contemporary design was adopted, to work with our client’s landscaping plans and to complement the rear doors which had already been installed. The French doors leading out onto the underutilised roof balcony have been replaced with a casement window to re-balance the exterior, and an openable rooflight brings light and fresh air into the extension. An optional new opening was also added to the side of the extension to increase light through either the use of either a fixed, bottom-hung or pivot door dependent on the client’s needs.