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First impressions of a home can make or break a property and yet the outside can often be overlooked when renovating. Creating kerb appeal not only makes your home more saleable in the future, but you also get the pride and enjoyment of coming home to a lovely home every day.


We have put together some pointers, tips and advice on how and where you can add value to the kerb appeal of your home:

  • Less is more. When redesigning the exterior design there can be the desire to use a wide range of colours and materials. Keep things simple and use good quality products. We find it’s better to do less but do it really well.


  • Currently, there is a huge trend for crisp white render and anthracite grey windows, but there are plenty more style options and colour schemes out there if this isn’t your bag. 


  • Review the exterior walls, are they adding anything to your property or are they detracting? Often, where changes have been made over time, there can be visible patches where extensions have been made or removed. If the brickwork isn’t to a good standard, or if the colour isn’t quite making you leap for joy, it’s definitely worth considering your options. Painting, rendering or cladding make a huge difference to the look of the property and can hugely improve the kerb appeal when specified well. Work with the style direction and good quality products. Once again, it’s best to keep your material and palette choices simple.

  • Windows and doors can make or break a scheme. This seemingly simple element is at the heart of our remodelling schemes. They guide the style direction and the personality of your home. Sizing, proportion and glazing detail will inform the success of your remodelling project and make a huge difference with the kerb appeal. If your architect has shown blank boxes on your design, ask them what their intentions are and what style/product has been considered. It is important to have this designed carefully ahead of speaking to manufacturers and suppliers. There are a myriad of choices available on the market and it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees. Avoid the cheap plastic and go for quality and sustainability. Take your time and if you would like some information on the wood vs UPVC debate, check out our guide for further advice.


  • A good quality driveway is always a great way to increase the kerb appeal and a certain way to add value to your property. There are plenty of products available on the market and we have found resin bound driveways in a classic colour makes a great impact. Gravel is also another lower cost option and does add a security element to your home. It does however require more maintenance as it will spread over time and use.


  • Don't forget the guttering and downpipes. These are often overlooked but can make a huge difference in improving the look of your home. Cheap plastic rainwater goods will not provide justice to all the other endeavours on your property renovation. Aluminium rainwater goods can be powder coated to match your colour scheme and gently pulls the look together. 


  • Planting will soften the approach and help settle the property into its surroundings. Evergreen shrubs and a healthy dose of lavender is always a good starting point if you’re not particularly green fingered. 

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