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  • Design consultation and advice during purchase process

  • Worked alongside and consulted and advised on Architects plans

  • 3D concept visualisation to support Client with decision making and planning application

  • Exterior design with a traditional frontage and modern rear

  • Re-designed windows and doors

  • Advised on suppliers and materials

  • Colour scheme

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Our Client came to us initially when they were purchasing the property, to discuss its potential and what design direction would be appropriate for the house. We started working together through a design consultation, which evolved into full 3D modelling and visualisation and ad-hoc consultation.

The Client was looking to extend all the way across the back at single storey, along with extensive work to the roof to square off the first floor and create additional accommodation in the roof. This, in conjunction with remodelling, was a lot of work to undertake so discussions to do with budget at this very early stage of the purchasing process were key.

The Client had in mind a modern feel for the interior and connection to the garden, however, being in a conservation area we advised a more sensitive approach to the front would be needed for planning. A plan was set out on how we could fulfil their aspirations, whilst working within local planning requirements.

At our initial consultation, using estate agents plans and photos, we sketched out some ideas and following this, the Client proceeded with the purchase. After completing, they worked with a local architect to assist them with the internal layout design and extensions, whilst Back to Front acted as consultant during this phase to give them an experienced eye to look over the plans and keep things on track.

Following on from working with the architect, we were engaged to model the house in 3D and visualise how their new home would look, adding some of the Back to Front hallmark finishing touches and specifications.​ Having discussed the option for a traditional front and contemporary rear at the beginning of our communications, it was important to show how this could be achieved in a cohesive and seamless design. 

​To get visualisation started, our Clients sent us through the Architect's DWG files. DWG’s are essentially the raw digital data behind CAD drawings and with these we are able to build upon what’s already been designed within our own software.

​Once we had drafted our vision for the house, we had a video meeting to present the scheme to the Client and discuss their feedback. Following the meeting, tweaks that had been discussed were updated and then we set about working up the rendered visuals, which are hand-finished in photoshop. As they say a picture tells a thousand words but some words do help, so to complement the visuals we prepare 2D elevations, highlighting the changes we have made to elements such as window proportions, bargeboard detailing, products and materials and anything else appropriate to the scheme such as a new/different porch or landscaping suggestions.

The visuals are great to support a planning application and these along with the elevations form the basis for selecting the right products and suppliers when delivering the scheme on site.

Back to Front remained on hand on an ad-hoc basis during the build for questions as they were raised on site, such as, what colour to paint the new fences and with what paint. We don’t fill the role of project manager as this can be very expensive, but Clients find it re-assuring to have us at the end of the phone or email to make sure that the house they fell in love with gets realised and we love having the opportunity to help them get it just right.

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