Often Clients have plans which satisfy their needs internally but lack detail externally. Working from your drawings, we can model your house in 3D and add the finishing touches that make or break a successful scheme.


This will help you visualise how your house will look before writing the big cheques out to your Contractor and will give you a way to articulate that vision to other parties involved.



To get started, we will need:


  • DWG files of your plans/design from your architect or surveyor. We can work with PDF's but DWG's are preferred. 

  • High res photos of your house 

  • Completed questionnaire


1. We will draw up the house following a telephone call to discuss your project in more detail

2. Once the design is ready, we will arrange a meeting/call for feedback

3. Finalising the design.

What will you receive?

  • Front and rear photoshop concept visuals 

  • Annotated elevations depicting the colour scheme, products & materials along with exterior detailing.

  • Interactive 3D model

The process on average takes around 3 weeks, subject to Client feedback and availability. All drawings are supplied digitally.